Saturday, May 12, 2012

Were Back & It's Spring Time

Sorry, for no post lately life has been kind of crazy. But were back and are ready to satisfy your need for food and knowledge!   
Well it’s getting towards the end of spring and if you haven’t done so it’s the perfect time to go get some strawberries and go country kitchen crazy. I don’t know wither you have ever gone and picked your own but they just seem to taste better but don’t worry if going to the grocery store is enough adventure for you these recipes will work just the same. Happy sweets! One of my favorites! Homemade strawberry ice cream but its best to wait until 4th of July for that one. Although it’s always a good time for delicious.

“Strawberry Glaze Pie” (Dilday)

1 qt. fresh strawberries
3 Tbsp. cornstarch
Red Food Color (wife’s allergic so I skip this)
1cup sugar
1cup water
1 cooked pie shell

 Mix sugar and cornstarch in 2 quart saucepan. Stir in 1 cup water, gradually until smooth. Add 1 cup strawberries (cut into slices). Cook and stir over medium heat until thick and clear. Stir in a few drops of red food color. Cool. Stir in remaining berries, saving ¼ cup for garnish. Pour into pie shell. Chill until firm, about three hours. Garnish with whipped cream and fresh berries.

Strawberry and Cream Layer Cake

To save time you can just use a box cake mix of either white or yellow cake.  
Bake cake in 2 – 9” pans then cut each layer in half so that you have 4 equal layers of cake.
Now you will need a large bowl of strawberries all sliced and ½ cup of sugar sprinkled over them to create juice.

I like to make my own whipped cream but if you prefer cool whip that’s fine too.
To assemble place one layer of cake then add strawberries with juice. Top with a layer of whipped cream and some fresh strawberries then add your next layer of cake and repeat until you reach the top. (I like to leave the sides naked so you can see the delicious layers but decorating is up to you.

Just be creative my wife likes to add a base layer of dried meringue for an airy crunch. Or she’ll use mini bunt pans so everyone can have a little cake of their own. Or for a fun treat add ice cream and make it an ice cream cake.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

So Happy Easter! everyone

When you ask any one what is the main things they remember about the family Easter meal is the Ham. the questions is " What type of ham do you serve? " Country salt cured ham, Fresh honey ham, or a precut spiral ham.

The other thing people always remember about Easter are the eggs. Kids and adults alike love trying to decorate the best egg. You can use hard boiled eggs that you can later peel and eat. When you get more serious you can empty out the yolk and white while keeping the shell intact and keep the shells for as long as desired. ( If your worried about any spread of germs you can boil the empty shells to sanitise them)

Well we will let you know how our Easter for two goes. Please share your favorite moments with us here on Butter and Bacon!!

Have a blessed Easter see ya back soon.

Next week I will be posting some family recipes and dinner ideas that you can try at home.

Monday, April 2, 2012

WELCOME TO Butter & Bacon!

Wanted to say Hi! and welcome you to the new blog of "Butter & Bacon"

Butter & Bacon is an informative and fun blog for recipies, neat kitchen tricks, and perhaps some crazy stories (cuz my wife is a cluts). My wife and I were both raised in eastern North Carolina so certain words have very particular meaning to us like Bar B Que, Chicken pot pie, and sweet tea. so I may need to add a mini dictionary to make sure you can follow the lingo.

My wife and I meet at Johnson and Wales University in N.C. I was majoring in Culinary and Beverage while she got her degree in Baking and Pastry so between the two of us we have all aspects of the meal covered so please don't be shy with questians (others are probably wondering the same thing you are)

Thanks for visiting Butter & Bacon

Hope to see you back here soon